Pop Art Lip Sculpture
Southern Pine Design Company

Pop Art Lip Sculpture

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Inspired by Andy Warhol’s versions of Marilyn Monroe’s lips, this sculpture is hand carved out of the exotic and naturally red Blood Wood. 

The lips are 11” wide, 5.5” tall and 4.75” deep. The entire stand is approximately 15” high and the Walnut base is 8x8” square.

The lips are suspended by a 1 ¼” oak dowel.

These would be a beautiful addition to a home office or studio. 


To avoid cracks and splits in the wood, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%. All wood products will absorb and release moisture for a lifetime. Avoid placing in direct sunlight from windows or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators. Never store in an attic, basement, or in damp areas.

Avoid dusting with a dry or old cloth, as this may scratch the finish. Clean up spills immediately. Avoid polish that contains ammonia or silicon. Dust with a soft, damp cloth by following the wood grain.

Do NOT use ammonia, windex, pledge, or any strong cleaners. Magic erasers WILL strip the topcoat off the piece. 

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