Meet the Maker

I'm Rebecca, the builder and owner of Southern Pine Design Company, and I’m passionate about woodworking + design, the maker community, creating a life you love, and never taking motherhood too seriously.  I enjoy creating, whether woodworking, painting, sewing, or crafting with my kids. 
What began as a hobby repainting old furniture, turned into a love of making. Southern Pine began as furniture restoration, but as my life continues to evolve, so does my business. I began woodworking in 2018 with the Instagram Builder's Challenge. Through one of their challenges, I made my first cutting board and fell in love with hardwoods. The more I built, the more I aspired to learn. I began attending woodworking conferences and networking with brands in the industry.
In 2022, I left my full time desk job to become a full time woodworker. I have the honor of working with two local companies - Jericho Home and The Woodstock Wood Stock, making custom furniture and cabinetry, as well as building for my own clientele.
In fall of 2022, I was invited to participate in the first Maker's All Star Challenge, hosted by Maker's Challenge Central (previously the Instagram Builder's Challenge).In the midst of a hurricane, a group of amazing makers and content creators from around the country came together to pull off a mind-blowing backyard renovation. In just a week, we took a tired patio and turned it into a pool deck oasis. The full build is now documented in an epic YouTube series.
Now, in 2023, I continue to work with the best brands in the industry and am a team member of Maker's Challenge Central. I am humbled to be able to build and renovate and teach others how to use power tools. I believe that God created us to work with our hands and that there, we can find peace and purpose. My hope is to inspire others to believe in themselves and work hard every day to make their dreams a reality.