Knotty by Nature PhilanthroMake tee
Knotty by Nature PhilanthroMake tee
Knotty by Nature PhilanthroMake tee
Southern Pine Design Company

Knotty by Nature PhilanthroMake tee

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For PhilanthroMake 2023 hosted by Rubio Monocoat, Festool, and Shaper Tools, our build team adopted the name Knotty by Nature, a spin off of the popular Hip Hop trio, Naughty by Nature.

We had several requests for the shirts, so 100% of the proceeds of these shirts will be donated to the same charities who were part of this year’s event.

Tee is a Next Level 3600 Unisex Cotton tee in black, screen printed with white ink.

Presale will run from 10/22 to 10/31, then the order will be filled and shipped. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

To enter the raffle to win one of the builds, click HERE and vote for your favorite piece for free. When you enter, sponsoring brands donate up to $4 to charity (terms). There will be 3 winners.

Optionally, you can buy plans of the projects built during the event. Plans are $10 each and 100% of proceeds are donated to charity.

Earn an additional 25 giveaway entries per $10.

Check out the PhilanthroMake page for more information.

Proceeds donated to the Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund and Aynimundo.

Plans donated by Cascade Create.


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